Famous cleric in India announces to wage Jihad against Modi government

Famous cleric in India announces to wage Jihad against Modi government

KOLKATA: Maulana Nurur Rehman Barkati, the Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan masjid, a famous mosque in Kolkata, has threatened to wage 'jihad' in the country if India is declared a 'Hindu Rashtra', a media report said.

"If namaz, azaan, Quran and Shariat law are banned then jihad will begin," Imam Barkati said while speaking to reporters, acording to Zee News.

"Why would this nation be a 'Hindu Rashtra', why can't it be a 'Muslim Rashtra'. Why can't the 25-30 crore Muslim population of India be given Pakistan, we will fight for Pakistan," the Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque said.

"If 'Hindu Rashtra' becomes a reality and azaan, cow meat, Quran are prohibited, then we will not spare you and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi," he warned.

When asked to elaborate on his 'jihad' terminology, Imam Barkati said, "In jihad everything will be finished, as it is happening in Afghanistan and across the world," adding that "we have been practising jihad for the last 100 years".

When asked to comment on West Bengal Mamata Banerjee's statement that she had never red beacon on her car, the Imam said, "During her younger days, the Trinamool Congress supremo used to eat everything; she even used to have mutton biryani. However, these days she is having cucumber and (muri) puffed rice, so shall we also eat the same."

Threatening to violate the Centre's order banning red beacon, Barkati said that he will continue to use the red beacon as permission for it was given by the erstwhile British government.

"I am a Shahi Imam and hence I won't give up red beacon despite court's order. All Shahi Imams have been using 'lal batti' and nobody has ever objected to it," Imam Barkati said.

According to the Modi government's order, after May 1, no one will be able to put red light atop his/her vehicle. Blue light will be used only for emergency vehicles in the country...Neither the states nor the Centre will have power to give any special permission (for use of beacon lights).