Negotiations underway over the matter of F-16 jets: Sartaj Aziz

Negotiations underway over the matter of F-16 jets: Sartaj Aziz

ISLAMABAD: Advisor to PM Nawaz on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz said that dialogues are underway with US administration over the matter of F-16 jets while matter would be resolved soon.

As per details, Senate session was held here at today under the chairmanship of Raza Rabbani. While addressing in Senate Sartaj Aziz elaborated that US administration has agreed to provide F-16 jets to Pakistan however negotiations are underway in this regard.

He revealed that an Indian lobby wanted to end F-16 deal between Pakistan and USA but they would have to face disappointment in their nefarious designs.

Sartaj pointed out that it was decided that $700 crore expenses would be made over the purchase of 8 F-16 jets and Pakistan would pay $270 crore in this regard while remaining amount $430 crore would be paid by military foreign funds but now US Congress has refused to give remaining amount.

While expressing his hope for early resolution of this issue, Sarjat stated that dialogues are underway so positive outcomes are being expected of this matter.

USA has admitted that Pakistan needs F-16 jets in order to counter the scourge of terrorism , Sartaj added saying that Pakistan has rejected allegations of India that F-16 aircrafts to be used against India by Pakistan.

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