Indian BSF installs advanced CIBMS system along Pak India border

Indian BSF installs advanced CIBMS system along Pak India border

NEW DELHI - The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) plans to put up a Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) in areas along the India- Pakistan and India - Bangladesh border, where it is difficult to put up a fence due to the nature of the terrain as well as check cross-border infiltration and smuggling, Sharma said.

A pilot project of the CIBMS is underway in two 5-km patches along the India-Pakistan border at Jammu and along the India-Bangladesh border at Dhubri in Assam, PTI has reported.

CIBMS is an integration of a number of new gadgets and technologies to ensure electronic surveillance of borders. These provide feeds to BSF personnel at the border outposts, where monitors would be installed.

In case of a threat, quick reaction BSF teams will intervene and neutralize it, the official said.

“As of now, the CIBMS project will be rolled out in the vulnerable areas of India’s border with Bangladesh and Pakistan. We plan to implement the system within the next 3-5 years,” he told PTI in an interview on Friday.

Asked about the plans to cover the unfenced border areas between India and Bangladesh, Sharma said, “Fences will be erected wherever we can. Where we cannot erect a fence because of the terrain, the gap will be covered by the CIBMS”. On the smuggling of fake Indian currency notes (FICN) at the border areas, the BSF DG said the FICN trade has been on the decline since demonetisation and introduction of new currency.

The security features in the new notes are very hard to copy and that is why the amount of FICN seized is not as much as it used to be before demonetisation, he said.

Sharma lauded the pilot of the ‘Crime Free Zone’ project along the Bangladesh border in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal and said it will be replicated in other parts of the Indo-Bangladesh border.

In a bid to control cross-border crimes and smuggling, the BSF and its Bangladesh counterpart, the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB), had jointly launched the ‘Crime Free Zone” project on Friday.

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