Imam-e-Kaba leads Magrib prayers

Imam-e-Kaba leads Magrib prayers

ISLAMABAD:Imam-e-Kaaba Sheikh Saleh Bin Muhammed Al Talib, who is presently in Pakistan, led Magrib prayers at Faisal Mosque campus of the International Islamic University in Islamabad on Sunday evening.

A large number of officials, political personalities and people from various walks of life attended the prayers.

Imam-e-Kaaba prayed for unity of Muslim Ummah and asked for Allah's assistance in helping the Muslims of coping various challenges.  

Later, he attended a seminar as chief guest titled "Advocacy and promotion of moderation in light of teachings of Quran and Sunna the role of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia".

Speakers while emphasizing the importance and need of moderation in Muslim societies said Islam is a religion of moderation and shuns violence and extremism.

In his address, Imam-e-Kaaba said Muslim Ummah is in disarray and needs to be united for resolving its internal and external problems.

The seminar was attended by high officials of the University, Ambassadors of several countries and other important personalities. APP/AFP