World’s largest naval ship launched with a capacity of 6,000 passengers in western France Sea

PARIS: World’s largest naval ship having a capacity of more than 6,000 passengers was launched in the western France Sea for its first trial.


At least 500 crew members of different departments were on the board at the time of trial which will last till Sunday.


Thousands of people gathered at Saint-Nazaire port to watch the ship.


The ship has a weight of 120,000 tonnes and is 70 meter high which was built by city’s STX France shipyards worth $1.1 billion.


Three pilots were trained on a simulator to help the captain in the tricky maneuvers needed to guide the hulking ship out of the Saint-Nazaire estuary.


For months, Tourists were allowed on board to gape at the innards of the ship which has 16 decks and has a stretch of 362 metres.


At least 2,000 crew will be available at the ship to meet the needs of more than 6,000 people.


Next trail will take place before the end of April and the delivery will be made on May 12, 2016.