Nuclear Reactor in India closed due to water leak

NEW DELHI: India’s Kakrapur Nuclear Reactor was closed after water leakage in its heat transport system.


The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NOCIL) claimed that the Kakrapur Atomic Power Station was operating at normal rate before the leakage.


Site Director of the plant Lalit Kumar said “Unit 1 of the Kakrapur Atomic Power Station, which was operating at its rated power, had to be shut down about 9 a.m. today, as a consequence to a small leak in the Primary Heat Transport (PHT) System. The reactor was shut down as per design provisions.”


He claimed that safety measures have been taken to remove the radioactivity/radiation inside and outside the premises of plant.


He claimed that all things are under control and there is nothing to worry about.


The workers are advised not to leave until the leakage was investigated.


Four labours were exposed to radiation during painting a tunnel in 2011 and six workers suffered 50% burn at a plant in southern Tamil Nadu state backed by Russia.


The radiation leaks have affected the nearly living residents which also hold protests and also disrupted major projects.