Ex. Afghan President Hamid Karzai warns Pakistan over cross border attacks

KABUL: The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai warned Pakistan over cross border attacks from Pakistan into Afghanistan.


He warned that such actions will increase tensions and put a bad impact on the relations of both countries.


He claimed that Pakistani nation supported Afghans during fight with Soviet Union.


He also claimed that Afghan people will remain patient and tolerant regarding the cross border shelling but Pakistan should avoid it.


His remarks came two days after the Afghan air space violation by Pakistan Air Force.


Pakistan Air Force bombed at various locations of insurgent groups in Dangam district of Kunar province along with Durand Line.


A similar incident also happened earlier last year.


Local officials of Kandhar province also claimed that the clashes between Afghanistan and Pakistan occurred due to conflict on check points created by Pakistan inside the Afghan soil. This is not the first time when ex. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has blamed Pakistan for the cross borders violations and the cross border attacks of Afghan Taliban from Pakistani soil.

However on the other end Pakistan has been constantly urging Afghanistan government to curb the Indian RAW activities in eastern Afghanistan provinces from where Indian RAW in collaboration with few serving and retired high officials of the Afghan Intelligence and Security Agency NDS are funding and supporting TTP to attack Pakistan.

After the Army Public School Peshawar deadly attack and subsequently Charsada University Attack Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif along with his trusted General and head of Premier Intelligence Agency ISI visited Kabul and presented the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani with the evidences of the attackers constant communication with the masterminds in Afghanistan but to Pakistan's utter disappointment Afghanistan is reciprocating the same with the allegations instead.

Hamid Karzai an Indian University graduate never leaves any stone unturned to blame Pakistan to make his Indian friends happy and simultaneously keeps the anti Pakistan element alive in Afghanistan.