Why Wikipedia has blocked edits on Calibiri font page

Why Wikipedia has blocked edits on Calibiri font page

Wikipedia has blocked the edit requests on its official page regarding the Calibiri font after the said font was mentioned in an investigation in Pakistan on the Panama papers case.

Reportedly the sources close to the development have revealed that some elements wanted to change the release dates so as to negate the Panama JIT version about the release dates.

Wikipedia was forced to block the public editing on its Calibri font page, after a plethora of edit requests were received after allegations that Maryam Nawaz had handed over forged documents in the font to the JIT surfaced.

One day after the JIT probing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s alleged offshore wealth released its report stating that a document handed over by Maryam Nawaz was most likely forged since it was written in Microsoft’s Calibri font–which did not exist for public use at the time– the Wikipedia page on Calibri received 35 revisions.