How would World remember David Cameron?

How would World remember David Cameron?

LONDON (APP) - David Cameron 's political epitaph was carved in stone when he resigned the morning after Britons voted to quit the European Union.

Cameron had staged the referendum to try to unite his Conservative party , where right-wing eurosceptics were agitating to leave the 28-nation bloc.

His expectation was that he would win the June 23 vote handily and then push ahead with social reforms to crown his second term in office.

But the high-stakes gamble failed catastrophically.

At a stroke, Britain was plunged into political, economic and constitutional crisis.

Just as swiftly, Cameron's own career was destroyed, fating him to be remembered as the prime minister who recklessly or unwittingly ended Britain's 43-year membership of the EU.

Cameron is due to step down on Wednesday and new Conservative Party leader Theresa May will take his post.

"A time will come for reflection on the good in Mr Cameron's leadership... on his fundamentally correct vision for a one-nation Tory party in possession of the centre ground," The Economist said.

"It will surely be dwarfed by this giant, nation-changing misstep, one guaranteed to scar the country for decades and diminish his place in the history books."

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