US investors expressed interest in car manufacturing plants in Pakistan

US investors expressed interest in car manufacturing plants in Pakistan

A recent news report shared by Express Tribune link, it has been revealed that US-based investors have expressed their interest in the rapidly expanding EV sector of Pakistan. The said development was announced in an official statement by the Consul General Lahore, Catherine Rodriguez, who added that the investors are looking to make a “quantum jump in bilateral trade.”

Reportedly, a Zoom meeting was held between the president of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Hafiz Ihtisham Javed and the Consul General, where she said that the US-based investors are eyeing the prospect of setting up vehicle assembling facilities in Pakistan.

She commented that, as of late, the country has seen a huge improvement in the law and order situation, which is why the investors from the US wish to establish their footprint in the rising auto industry of Pakistan. Rodriguez further added that she will be holding face-to-face meetings with the industrialists in Faisalabad to explore opportunities for business in the region. ------------------------------

The President of FCCI extended his gratitude towards the participants of the meeting and stated that Faisalabad is a suitable geographical and strategic location for the new industrialists to begin their business from here.

The abundance of skilled labor and the central location that offers ease on a logistical front serves in favor of the aspiring industrialists.

He added that the US-based technology would do wonders for the Pakistani business industry as “it is the best in the world and we can improve quality of our products in addition to reducing the cost of production.”

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