Deadly Plane crash in Pakistan killed both pilots

Deadly Plane crash in Pakistan killed both pilots

SADIQABAD – Deadly Plane crash in Pakistan killed both pilots.

Two pilots of the Federal Department’s Plant Protection Unit lost their lives in a deadly crash on Sunday when their plane crashed purportedly due to a “technical fault” in Sadiqabad while spraying insecticide in fields.

The aircraft was called by the district administration to spray insecticide against the attack of desert locusts in the fields.

Initial investigations suggested that the plane crashed due to technical problems. Meanwhile, police and rescue services rushed to the spot to investigate into the incident and recover bodies of the pilots namely Shoaib Malik and Fawad Butt.

On Jan. 7, two pilots faced martyrdom when an aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) crashed during a routine operational training mission near Mianwali.

The two pilots, Squadron Leader Harris Bin Khalid and Flying Officer Ibadur Rehman, who boarded the FT-7 aircraft, lost their lives in the crash.

The PAF spokesperson stated that a high-level inquiry into the incident has been ordered to determine the cause of the accident.