Top secret information was leaked by honey trapped IAF officer to enemy agencies, startling revelations

Top secret information was leaked by honey trapped IAF officer to enemy agencies, startling revelations

NEW DELHI - Startling revelations about leaking of top secret information have surfaced in the honey trapped IAF officer charge sheet filed in The court.

The Delhi Police Special Cell has filed a chargesheet against honey-trapped Air Force officer, Group Captain Arun Marwah. The investigating body conducted an enquiry into the tainted officer, who is in judicial custody since his arrest in January, 2018.

The chargesheet, that India Today is in possession of, states that Arun Marwah took photographs of classified documents illegally and other information with the intention of handing it over to "unauthorized persons". It was imminent that the integrity and security of the country would be adversely affected by actions.

The complainant, who first approached the authorities about Group Captain Marwah, joined the investigation and produced incriminating material like CPU, tab, mobile phones, pen drives, and CDs among other things seized by Air Force authorities from the office and residence of Marwah.

The charge sheet further states, during his interrogation, Marwah revealed that on December 20, 2017 he received a friend request on Facebook from Kiran Randhawa which he accepted. They soon started chatting on Facebook Messenger. He further said, they would not talk regularly but it was "on and off and mostly sexy in nature".

The investigating body said in the charge sheet filed that Arun Marwah got in touch with Mahima Patel and Kiran Randhawa through social media including Facebook and WhatsApp. He had access to sensitive documents, which he illegally photographed and sent the same to "external entities".

Police also traced the IP addresses through which Patel and Randhawa accessed the internet. On investigation, the Special Cell came across 12 IP addresses, which were traced to Pakistan.

Marwah has further revealed, "The letters which I sent to Mahima is related to the general work of PARA - the special forces of Indian Air Force."

He was arrested earlier this year after a senior Air Force officer discovered a massive security breach. He spotted the accused entering the office allegedly with a smartphone, which was not allowed in the building.