Russia warns any US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down

Russia warns any US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down

MOSCOW:Russia has warned that any U.S. missiles fired at Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel enclave would be shot down and the launch sites targeted.

The warning came from Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, who said such a situation should be avoided.

The ambassador said Moscow is ready for negotiations on the issue.

Meanwhile, Kremlin has also warned against moves that can destabilise the already fragile situation in the region.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists in Moscow that Russia is calling for an unprejudiced and objective investigation before making judgements on the suspected use of chemical weapons.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump had warned Russia of a forthcoming response to suspected chemical attack in Syria .

In a post on Twitter, he said missiles “will be coming” and blasting Moscow for standing by Syrian President Bashar Assad.

However, in an apparent diplomatic overture less than one hour after the warning, President Trump sought an end to “arms race.”

In a tweet, he also offered to help boost Russia’s economy.

Trump said US relationship with Russia is worse than ever and there is no reason for this. APP/AFP