This Pakistani city tops the list of Cannabis consumption in the World

This Pakistani city tops the list of Cannabis consumption in the World

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's Karachi tops a list of cannabis consumption in the world's cities, coming second only to New York City in the United States.

According to the ABCD 2018 Cannabis Price Index, Karachi comes just second after New York (77.44 metric tonnes) in terms of consuming cannabis — including hashish — at 41.95 metric tonnes, or 41,950 kilogrammes. New Delhi came third in the list at 38.26 metric tonnes, and Mumbai on the sixth position, the only other South Asian cities to be on the top 10.

Although cannabis is associated with "bohemian" European cities like Amsterdam and Berlin, the only other European city besides London on the list is one of Europe's most notoriously conservative capitals: Moscow in Russia, which was ninth on the list.

While the consumption of cannabis is in itself not a criminal offence, possessing more than a precise amount is illegal, and can lead to prison sentences from a year to a life in imprisonment. With the exception of Toronto, however, none of the cities on the top 10 are particularly cannabis-friendly, so the lack of legality seems to have hardly any effect on its consumption.

All of these cities are on the other hand large cities that define the 'urban' world, which may indicate lifestyles in such fast-paced cities seek relaxing drugs - like cannabis - to cope with their everyday reality.