A big diplomatic victory of Pakistan against India at top World Body

A big diplomatic victory of Pakistan against India at top World Body

*GENEVA: A **Big diplomatic victory of Pakistan against India has been reported at top World Body, it has been revealed.*

*Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi strikes big in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session on Human Rights, 58 countries uphold Pakistan’s stance on disputed Kashmir.*

FM Qureshi in the UNSC moot today put forth a strong case for the illegally occupied land of Kashmir and ensured that the plight of innocent Kashmiri’s reached the highest forums of the civilized world.

Pakistan made a breakthrough after gaining approval of its stance from a vast majority of the council’s representatives and also extended five salient points, demanding their implementation from the tyrannical regime of India under the assurance of the United Nations (UN). The demands are as follows:

- Kashmiri’s must be given their due right to exercise their freedoms, those detained by the Indian forces, emphasizing prominent leadership should be released at the earliest. - Global Media and Human Rights Organizations must be allowed access into the landlocked area of Kashmir where a strict and illegal curfew has entered into its 38th day. - Ending all communications blackout in the oppressed valley, allowing the Kashmiri’s to exercise their right to freedom of speech and expression along with coming into contact with their loved ones. - Inhuman curfew is lifted from the Indian occupied land, instantly. - Commissioner for Human Rights to underlay directives and suggestions upon careful deliberation of the situation on the ground which shall then be implemented under the guidance and assurance of the United Nations. -