Azadi Train schedule for September 11

Azadi Train schedule for September 11

KUNDIAN: (APP) Special Azadi Train on Saturday arrived here Kundian Railway Junction for a night stay. A large number of people, including students and Railway officials, warmly welcomed the train.

Carrying national flags, the people at the station raised the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad as the train stopped at station. They later visited cultural floats of different provinces and galleries displaying heroes of the Pakistan Movenment and depicting sacrifices of armed forces.

Rehan Syed, a student of 6th class, said the beautifully decorated cultural floats depicted the culture of various areas of Pakistan.

All the students, who went around the galleries and foats, enjoyed very much and learned a lot about the country's history and culture, he added.

Mir Ali, who studies in 5th class, told APP he enjoyed very much.

He would receive Azadi Train every year with full national enthusiasm, he added.

According to Officer Incharge Azadi Train Muhammad Ali Chachar, the train after a night stay at Kundian, would resume its journey Sunday morning for Mianwali, where it would stay for two hours.

It would reach Rawalpindi late in the evening, he added.