Shocking news for the fans of actor Amir Khan

Shocking news for the fans of actor Amir Khan

Mumbai: On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has shared a video message on Instagram with his daughter Ira, revealing that they both have been taking mental therapy to stay mentally healthy.

The actor has informed his fans that seeking help from a specialist doctor for emotional and mental issues is nothing to be ashamed of.

Both father and daughter stated that just as they consult a specialist for any household task when needed, similarly, if they have any mental health concerns, they should consult a mental health professional.

Aamir Khan emphasized that there are many tasks in the world that an individual cannot perform alone, and they require the assistance of others who are better equipped for the job.

Mr. Perfectionist has disclosed that he and his daughter have been undergoing therapy for mental issues for several years, and it has greatly benefited them.

Fans have praised Aamir Khan and his daughter in the comments section for raising awareness about this important issue."