Travel advisory for citizens visiting northern areas of Pakistan

Travel advisory for citizens visiting northern areas of Pakistan

The district administration of Murree has issued advisories regarding seasonal and travel precautions for tourists. According to the details provided in the advisory, tourists are informed about seasonal conditions, especially before traveling to Murree and other northern regions.

Ensure to carry essential items for eating, drinking, medications, and water. Use warm clothing during the journey, thoroughly check the vehicle before traveling, and ensure the fuel tank is full.

During the snowfall season in Murree, tourists entering the area are advised to use tire chains as preventive and precautionary measures. Keep minimal air in the tires, avoid climbing on top of the snow on the tires during snowfall to prevent the car from slipping.

Avoid entering into any agreements or collaboration with surrogate companies, as advised by the federal government.

Keep necessary items in the car for combating cold weather. Minimize the use of brakes if the car starts slipping. During snowy conditions, drive in low gear, adhere to traffic laws for safe travel, and cooperate with traffic personnel. Drive in single file and avoid overtaking. Photography and filming on the road are strictly prohibited as it may affect traffic flow.

For all kinds of assistance on the Expressway, call the Motorway Police helpline at 130. In case of any emergency, contact Rescue 1122. The district administration of Murree has established 13 facilitation centers at various locations to provide guidance and assistance to tourists.