Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi makes most brave remarks over Israel-Hamas War

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi makes most brave remarks over Israel-Hamas War

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi strongly condemned Israel's attacks on Palestine, igniting awareness of the tragic bloodshed among innocent civilians in the region.

Emphasizing the need for unity in the Muslim world, he emphasized social responsibility for the protection of the people of Palestine. Raisi highlighted the significance of Palestine as a source of pride for the entire Muslim community, describing Israel as a contemporary Pharaoh posing a threat not only to the region but to the entire world.

He denounced Israel for committing the worst atrocities against Palestinians and called for global Muslim unity in standing with Palestine, expressing shame at the world's silence on Israel's injustices. In addition, he expressed support for Hamas and celebrated their stand against Israel.

Raisi demanded that Muslim countries impose sanctions on Israel, including restrictions on oil and other commodities. He called for ending diplomatic relations and boycotting Israel's Zionist forces, stressing the urgent need for immediate aid to Gaza. Raisi urged all Muslim nations to designate the Israeli military as a terrorist organization, acknowledging the continuous increase in Zionist violence over recent years.

Iran supports Hamas' resistance against Israel, emphasizing the need for the organization to play its role. The President highlighted Israel's continuous violations of human rights, condemning its bombings everywhere and expressing concern about the growing number of casualties.

He acknowledged the aid provided by the US to Israel, emphasizing the daily financial support from America to Israel. Raisi reiterated that the world could witness the atrocities committed by the Zionist state against Muslims. He concluded by stating that the people of Gaza did not need negotiations at that moment; instead, leaders of Muslim nations should unite to take meaningful actions for the people of Gaza.