Former PM Nawaz Sharif gets a big relief

Former PM Nawaz Sharif gets a big relief

In a significant development, an accountability court in Islamabad has reversed the property confiscation order related to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif in the Tosha Khana reference. Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir issued a directive for the return of the seized property and assets to the former prime minister.

The court specifically ordered the return of seized properties, vehicles, and bank accounts that belonged to Nawaz Sharif. This decision marks a notable shift in a legal saga that began in October 2020 when the accountability court initially issued orders for the confiscation of Nawaz Sharif’s properties.

During that time, the court had declared Nawaz Sharif a fugitive in the Toshakhana reference, leading to the seizure of over 1650 kanals of agricultural land and high-end vehicles owned by him in Lahore. The Toshakhana reference revolves around a corruption case against Nawaz Sharif and other political leaders.

They are accused of illegally obtaining and selling gifts from foreign dignitaries that were deposited in the Toshakhana, a treasury department responsible for collecting and keeping such gifts.

According to the rules, recipients of the gifts must pay a certain amount to the government if they wish to retain them; otherwise, they must surrender them to the Toshakhana.