Iranian Nuclear Chief makes a big surprise offer to Gulf States

Iranian Nuclear Chief makes a big surprise offer to Gulf States

TEHRAN - The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi says the Islamic Republic is ready to exchange with the Persian Gulf countries its experience with regard to developing nuclear technology and cooperate with them.

Iran 's nuclear chief made the remarks on Sunday while addressing a ceremony held in the southern port city of Bushehr to start construction of the second and third reactors of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

Noting that one of the main issues facing the Persian Gulf states in their efforts to build nuclear power plants is local contractors, Salehi said, “With regard to the Persian Gulf littoral states, which have adopted a new approach to the use of nuclear technology, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for scientific cooperation and transfer of experiences” to those countries.

He added that a great achievement of building the Bushehr plant is that it has become completely indigenized six years after its inauguration. so that Installation of equipment and devices is currently being conducted by Iranian experts.

A high-ranking official at the AEOI said in October that the country's nuclear activities have been entirely indigenized and the Islamic Republic has become self-sufficient in designing and manufacturing different types of centrifuge machines.

"One-hundred percent of Iran 's nuclear industry activities have been indigenized and today, we are self-sufficient in designing and manufacturing various kinds of centrifuges," Ali Asghar Zare'an, special assistant to the AEOI head, said.

Elsewhere in his speech, Salehi said that the second and third units of Bushehr plant will be inaugurated in the next six to eight years.

"The inauguration of the new units will avert the annual emission of more than 21 million tonnes of pollutant gas," Salehi said, adding that in power plants operating on fossil fuel, 11 million barrels of crude oil are required to generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity per year, while the three units of the Bushehr plant are expected to cut out the annual consumption of 33 million barrels of crude oil, which makes them economically feasible. - Press TV

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