Activist Shaniera Akram raised yet another social issue

Activist Shaniera Akram raised yet another social issue

*ISLAMABAD - Activist Shaniera Akram raised concerns about the waste washing ashore on Karachi’s Clifton beach and said we need to fix the source.*

Akram took to Twitter and wrote “All day every day these workers are in the hot sun cleaning up the filth that is getting washed on our shores. Our ocean is polluted and no matter how hard we work at cleaning the beach rubbish still washes in everyday. We need to fix the source instead of bandaging the problem!”

Shaniera Akram believes cleaning up is a temporary solution, something needs to be done to stop the waste from landing on Seaview and it can be only done when those who dump medical waste in the ocean are identified.

The activist has been pretty vocal about pollution and climate change link. She previously drew attention towards the matter through a series of tweets declaring the beach unsafe.

She also posted pictures of plastic waste to remind people how it has piled up on the shore. “A plastic bag takes between 1-10,000 years or more to decompose,” she tweeted earlier.