Electricity to be produced in Punjab from solid waste

Electricity to be produced in Punjab from solid waste

*LAHORE - Big projects would be started in Punjab to produce electricity and energy and for this purpose foreign companies, including from China, would be invited.*

“China has great contribution in Pakistan and recent tour of Prime Minister Imran Khan has opened new avenues in this regard,” senior minister Aleem Khan said this while talking to the delegation of Bureau Group Company of China in which detailed discussion was held to work in waste management, low cost housing, infrastructure and other sectors for Punjab.

He said that in the coming days more bilateral relations would be developed and all-out cooperation would be offered to the organisations intend to work here in Punjab.

He assured that now there would be no kick back and work would be done with transparency and full security would be given to foreign workers.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that through 100 days’ plan a strategy was being evolved to ensure sustainable and long-term development in the province.