Shahbaz Sharif is my next target: Imran Khan

Shahbaz Sharif is my next target: Imran Khan

TAUNSA - Imran Khan has said that their next political target is PML-N Chairman’s younger brother Shehbaz Sharif for Hudaibiya Paper mills case. As for Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan boasted that he is out for good.

In his power show in Taunsa Sharif, the PTI Chairman stated that he was unaware that so many people reside in Taunsa Sharif before arriving to meet the locals.

He said that seeing so many people come to this jamboree, he is certain that the people of Taunsa Sharif are wise and insightful.

Criticizing the government, PTI Chairman stressed that the government uses 60 percent of development fund for their own city Lahore while depriving other cities their rightful share.

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