Made in Pakistan Fashion show in Karachi

Made in Pakistan Fashion show in Karachi

KARACHI - The ‘Made in Pakistan’ Fashion Showcase is being held with the intention of creating export worthy collections, by eminent designers for the export markets. The aim is to encourage production of value-added products from Pakistan and to create a synergy with the Industry.


Besides providing the new budding designers with a solid platform, experience and mentoring in their field. 

The aim is to encourage production of value-added products as it is the way forward making our fashion industry competitive in international markets by building on relationships with buyers, both overseas and domestic, and establishing and strengthening ties with international businesses.

Made in Pakistan is the first event of its kind, providing premium exposure to the upcoming fashion designers in the industry. The event besides  showcasing the  collections of seasoned designers  Amir Adnan, Aamna Aqeel, Fnk Asia, Nova Leather, Hassan Riaz, Tena Durrani, Deepak Perwani, M Jafferjees X Wardha Saleem, Zuria Dor, Adnan Pardesy, Nauman Arfeen, The Pink Tree Company, Maheen Khan (Gulabo) ,also has a dedicated millennial fashion segment where select  fashion students from PIFD, AIFD, AND TIP named   Farah Usman, Sundus Talpur, Salman, Zainab, Shahmeer Ansari, Farah, Sobia Halar, Naina will showcase their work….

The third day of the event saw export worthy pret collections by Deepak Parwani  who showed his famous philosophy  line which was very well received by the foreign buyers as it showed the classic use of our local craftsmanship, Amir Adnan men’s wear  features his black n white western wear, Nova leather presented their collection of jackets, skirts, leather pants  which was very received by the foreign design houses, however, the highlight of the day one was the chic and well-constructed collections of  Pink tree, Hassan Riaz and Tena  Durrani.