ISIS hijacks Swedish Radio Station

ISIS hijacks Swedish Radio Station

A Swedish radio station has been hijacked by a pirate broadcaster, playing a song used by the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group to recruit foreign militants.

Unknown assailants early on Friday hacked Mix Megapol, one of Sweden’s most popular commercial radio stations, and played the English-language pop song on the show for half an hour.

The three-minute-long song, which calls on Westerners to join the Takfiri outfit, was played on repeat until Mix Megapol could regain control of transmission.

The station was only informed of the disturbance after concerned listeners phoned in.

It was not immediately clear whether the pirate transmitter was operated by Daesh affiliates or casual pranksters.

A spokesman for the radio network said in a statement that the incident would be reported to police and the Swedish government agency that monitors electronic communications.

“This is of course very serious, particularly because they had been playing a song about ISIL (Daesh) recruitment,” he said. “We see this as a very serious incident, and have therefore reported it to the police.”

The internet-based Swedish radio station is part of a private radio network that covers 24 cities across the country and claims to reach 91 percent of Sweden’s 10 million people.

The Swedish Security Service says some 300 people have left Sweden to fight alongside Daesh terrorists in the Middle East.

Some 30,000 militants from over 100 countries have reportedly traveled to Syria and Iraq since 2011 to join the ranks of Takfiri terrorist groups.

The European governments have been warned about the security risks associated with the return of those citizens as the states lack the proper policies to counter the flow. Major European cities have already been hit by several deadly Daesh terror attacks over the past years.

The Daesh terror group first emerged in Syria in 2014 and seized swathes of land across the two neighboring states in a sweeping advance.

However, the Takfiri terror group has lost its main strongholds in both countries to the national Syrian and Iraqi armed forces, who have dealt heavy blows to the terrorists and pushed them to the verge of total collapse.

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