Afghan Intelligence using ISIS to beat Afghan Taliban

Afghan Intelligence using ISIS to beat Afghan Taliban

KABUL - The Taliban and ISIS militants suffered casualties in the latest infighting between the fighters of the two groups in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The reports have surfaced depicting that Afghan Intelligence NDS is supporting ISIS in Afghanistan to beat Afghan Taliban .

According to the local officials, the latest infighting took place in the vicinity of Zawa Tangai area on Friday.

Provincial police commandment in a statement said at least four ISIS militants and three Taliban insurgents were killed during the clashes.

The statement further added that two Taliban insurgents and two ISIS militants were also wounded during the clashes.

The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the report so far.

Nangarhar is among the relatively calm provinces in eastern Afghanistan but the anti-government armed militant groups have recently increased their insurgency activities in some parts of the province during the recent years.

The latest infighting among the Taliban and ISIS militants takes place amid ongoing counter-terrorism operations in this province.

Both the Afghan and US forces conduct regular operations and airstrikes against the militants operating in this province, specifically the ISIS terrorist group which attempts expand their foothold in the restive and remote districts of Nangarhar.

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