PM has No off shore company: Govt Ministers

PM has No off shore company: Govt Ministers

ISLAMABAD: While responding to the questionnaire of opposition parties, government ministers lashed out at their political rivals and said that they want to create hurdles in the process of development being made under the leadership of PM Nawaz.

While addressing a press conference here today in Islamabad, government ministers answered the queries raised by opposition parties. While answering the first question of opposition, Talal Ch. made it clear that Hussain Nawaz has already told that Mayfair flats in London are under his ownership and same were purchased after selling a factory in Saudi Arabia.

Talal said that Aitzaz Ahsan tried to puzzle nation in second question but he endorsed both Hassan Nawaz interview in 1999 and statement of Hussain Nawaz in 2016.

Responding to third question, Talal elaborated that PM Nawaz name did not appear in Al-Taufeeq case.

He highlighted against fifth question that PM Nawaz income and property taxes are present in income tax returns which could be checked by opposition.

Over reacting on sixth question of opposition parties, Talal underlined that all the taxes have been paid as per country laws and its record also present in relevant departments.

Abid Sher Ali speaking at the occasion said that opposition is wasting the precious time of nation while opposition questionnaire is a new propaganda against government.

Criticizing Aitzaz Ahsan, Abid Sher Ali pointed out that his wife name is at top of the list in corruption while Aitzaz even could not become councilor and he does not has any political career and future.