Pak FO thanks Afghan Army over recovery of Ali Haider Gilani

Pak FO thanks Afghan Army over recovery of Ali Haider Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zikria said that Pakistani authorities are thankful to Afghan National Army and NATO forces over the recovery of Ali Haider Gilani, after conducting a successful operation.

While addressing a media briefing here at today, Nafess Zikria confirmed that Ali Haider Gilani has arrived in Lahore from Kabul via special plane while he was recovered by NATO and Afghan Army in a joint operation from Ghazni area of Afghanistan.

Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson expressed his hope that both countries and NATO forces would work together for the elimination of terrorism from the region.

Nafess made it clear that terrorists would not be allowed to hold hostage both the governments and every possible efforts would be made to eradicate the scourge of terrorism.

According to Pak FO, Ali Haider Gilani was handed over to Pakistani envoy by Afghan Defense Ministry and then he was sent to Kabul Airport in the helicopter of Afghan Defense Ministry.

Ali Haider Gilani then departed for Lahore in a special plane while Pakistani envoy informed Pakistani authorities about the departure of Ali Haider.

It is also worthy to mention here that Ali Haider was kidnapped on May 9, 2013 during election campaign.