India cannot stop Pakistani waters

India cannot stop Pakistani waters

*LAHORE: Pakistani officials of the Permanent Commission for Indus Waters asserted that India cannot stop the flow of water into Pakistan as per the Indus Water Treaty.*

Pakistani officials commented on Monday over India’s move to obstruct water flow of three eastern rivers into Pakistan and said, “New Delhi has continuously been involved in water aggression.”

“The Ministry of Water and Power is reviewing India’s measure to stop water from flowing into Pakistan. As per the Indus Water Treaty, India cannot stop water from flowing into Pakistan and if they do so then we will move the International Court for Arbitration,” the officials said.

“India’s Indus Water Commission did not apprise Pakistan regarding the move to stop the flow of water,” the officials of water commission added.

He further explained that it will take India many years to change the course of the water to halt it from flowing into Pakistan.