Malala talks about fighting militancy with education in Letterman interview

Malala talks about fighting militancy with education in Letterman interview

In her latest interview with American television host David Letterman , Malala Yousafzai spoke about fighting militancy with education.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Netflix released a clip on Thursday of Malala Yousafzai’s interview with David Letterman .

The clip begins with Letterman asking Malala about what would have happened if she had succumbed to her injuries when the Taliban attacked her a couple of years ago.

“I would hope that many people would have stood up and stood up against extremists, against not just the extremists, not just the people, but against the ideology,” she answers.

Malala spoke of how the need of the hour was to fight the extremist ideology that did not consider women equal to men or was opposed to women seeking education.

She spoke of how governments should invest more on education and pursue actions with ambition. Malala said that it was important to fight the extremist ideology whether it was present in the ‘mountains of Pakistan’ or in urban areas such as New York.

“The governments need to invest more money into education. Business people, everyone who is part of society, they need to start thinking about investing in girls and their education. We just need an ambition and an intention. What to do is then easy,” she said.

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