Islamabad Metro: Yet another corruption case emerges

Islamabad Metro: Yet another corruption case emerges

LAHORE – An alleged corruption of Rs 280.2 million was committed in Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus project by using poor quality of concrete and steel, a special audit report prepared by Auditor General of Pakistan claimed on Saturday.

According to details, cheap quality steel and concrete were used to complete the bus transit project. The contract to complete the project was given at a higher-than-market rate which was up to 18 per cent.

It was told that the low quality material was used from the Rawalpindi stop 3-5 and Islamabad stop 3-4. Rather than using A-1 quality material on 21,767 metre route , A-3 material was used, the report said.

It was earlier reported in audit report that corruption and irregularities worth Rs5 billion were caused that included unnecessary construction material costing Rs2.26 billion.

It was told that Rs39 crore was paid to the illegal occupants of the public property. Rs27 crore was spent in services head before the plying of the buses, it stated.

However, the project was completed in 20 months instead of nine months.