US CENTCOM Commander warns Indo-Pak nuclear war

US CENTCOM Commander warns Indo-Pak nuclear war

Commander of United States Central Command, General Joseph Votel has warned on Friday that Indo-Pak tensions could escalate into a ‘nuclear exchange’.

The CENTCOM chief said: “India’s public policy to diplomatically isolate Pakistan hinders any prospects for improved relations.” He was at a hearing on the United States Central Command before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“This is especially troubling as a significant conventional conflict between Pakistan and India could escalate into a nuclear exchange, given that both are nuclear powers,” he added.

He said that Pakistan’s increased focus on its border with India detracts from its efforts to secure border with Afghanistan from incursions by Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists.

The US commander further said that Pakistan military seeks to expand border control and improve paramilitary security.

He said that United States continues to maintain engagement with Pakistani military counterparts and the army continues a robust joint exercise programme.

“Most recently, the Pakistani Air Force sent airmen and aircraft to participate in Exercise RED FLAG and GREEN FLAG at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada this past summer,” General Votel added.

He held Pakistan Navy as the most consistent and longstanding participant in Combined Task Force (CTF)-150 (counter-terrorism operations) and CTF-151 (counter-piracy operations) led by U.S. Naval Forces Central (USNAVCENT).

The US General said: “Our relationship with Pakistan remains a very important one.”

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