Governor of Shandong Province of China announces to build Industrial Park in Pakistan

BEIJING: Governor of China’s Shandong province claimed that he will build an Industrial Park in Pakistan.


Governor Gou Shuqing claimed that he will invest a huge amount of financial resources in Pakistan within next five years not only to strengthen the relation between the two countries but also to improve the trade ties.


The announcement came during his speech at National People’s Congress’s session.


Shandong is East China’s province having 13 national high tech zones and 1,427 provincial level technology centers.


Last year, Shandong had signed contracts worth $6.14 billion with the countries along the Silk Road.


Shandong has been reported a strong economic growth with a GDP of US$ 962 billion in the previous year.


Shandong has backed 3 national overseas economic and trade cooperation zones out of 13 and also listed with 2 coastal cities among 15 along the Belt and Road.


A total of US$ 69.1 billion foreign capital was used in 6,800 foreign invested-projects which were launched in Shandong in the last five years.