Pakistani artist conferred Jameel Prize-4 award in Istanbul

Pakistani artist conferred Jameel Prize-4 award in Istanbul

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani artist Ghulam Muhammad has been conferred with prestigious Jameel Prize-4 award in Istanbul over his remarkable work in contemporary Islamic art. Ghulam Muhammad is the first Pakistani who succeeded to win this award.

As per details, a ceremony was held here at Pera Museum in Istanbul to confer Ghulam Muhammad  with this prestigious award while Jameel Prize is an international award that was designed after inspiration by Islamic tradition.

Jameel Prize and exhibition ceremony is organized by Victoria and Albert Museum every two years with the collaboration of Art Jameel. As per V&A Museum, the purpose to organize exhibition is to promote relationship between Islamic cultural art and contemporary works.

Those artists who show their remarkable works in this art are awarded this prestigious award without any discrimination and their religious or cultural background.

Jameel Prize-4 ceremony first ever held at Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey on external venue. Over 280 artists were nominated across the world while 11 artists had been short listed out of them by a jury that was presided by V&A Director, Martin Roth.

According to the jury, Ghulam Muhammad was awarded with Jameel Prize-4 over his excellent concepts and execution in art.