Prices of automobiles reduced in Pakistan

Prices of automobiles reduced in Pakistan

KARACHI – The automobile giants Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Kia, Prince, and United have slashed the prices of four-wheelers after getting some relaxation in taxes and duties under the new auto policy.

As per the new rates, Toyota Fortuner VVTi tops the list of vehicles with the highest cut of Rs 0.4 Million. Toyota Corolla

The price of Corolla Altis Grande X CVT 1.8 is now set at Rs 3,869,000 - with a discount of Rs110,000 coming down to against its previous rate of Rs3,979,000. Corolla Altis Grande X CVT 1.8 is being sold with a discount of Rs110,000. The variant is now available at Rs3,889,000.

The price of the Toyota Corolla stands at Rs3,249,000 after the reduction of Rs120,000 as the previous price was Rs3,369,000. The new price of Toyota Corolla Altis CVT-i 1.8 is fixed at Rs3,579,000 while its previous sale price was Rs3,699,000.

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande CVT-i and Toyota Corolla Altis Grande CVT-i are being sold at Rs3,869,000 and Rs3,889,000 respectively. Toyota Yaris

The price of the GLI MT 1.3 of 5-seater Sedan is fixed at Rs2,409,000 which was earlier sold for Rs2,509,000 while the Toyota Yaris GLI CVT 1.3 is now being sold at Rs2,589,000.

Toyota Yaris ATIV MT 1.3 stands at Rs2,519,000, whereas the price of the CVT 1.3 model is set at Rs2,669,000.

With a cut of Rs110,000 in the sale prices of Toyota Yaris ATIV X MT 1.5, the model is now being sold at Rs2,717,000 which was earlier available in Rs2,929,000. The new price of Toyota Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5 is Rs2,899,000 with a cut of Rs 100,000. Toyota Fortuner

The mid-size SUV has also reduced by Rs0.4 Million. The variant, Fortuner 2.7G, is being sold at Rs7,649,000 against its previous rate of Rs7,999,000 while the revised price of 2.7 VVTi is Rs8,899,999, as its price has been reduced by Rs400,000.

The price of Fortuner SIGMA 4 currently stands at Rs9,269,000 against its old price of Rs9,649,000. Toyota Hilux

Famous trucks of Toyota have also seen a slash of Rs0.12 Million. The new prices were fixed at Rs6,429,000 for Toyota Hilux Revo GMT, while Toyota Hilux Revo G AT is being sold at Rs6,899,000. With the reduction, Toyota Hilux Revo V is available at a price of Rs7,379,000. Suzuki vehicles

The largest car assembler in Pakistan has also announced a reduction in car prices of Alto, Wagon-R, Swift, and Bolan. Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto VX, after the dip, is available at Rs1,335,000 while Suzuki Alto VXR saw a decline of Rs98,000, and the new price is set at Rs1,521,000. Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus VXR is now available at Rs1,655,000 after the reduction of Rs125,000, while its VXL variant goes by Rs1,833,000 after the reduction of Rs 0.14 Million. Top-of-the-line variant Cultus VXL AGS is now available at Rs1,975,000 after the reduction of Rs155,000. Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R VXR also saw a reduction of Rs110,000 and is now available at Rs1,530,000. Wagon R VXL is available at Rs1,610,000 while Wagon R-AGS is being sold at Rs130,000. The price of Suzuki Bolan VX is set at Rs1,049,000 - after the reduction of Rs85,000. KIA

The South Korean automobile giant also announced a reduction in the prices of the Picanto, Sportage, and Sorento models.

Kia Picanto is now available at Rs1,781,000 while Picanto 1.0 A goes by Rs1,922,000. Sportage Alpha is being sold at Rs4,294,000 and its AWD variant goes by Rs5,270,000. The price of Sorento 2.4 FWD has also reduced up to Rs163,000.

*Prince Pearl & United Bravo*

In wake of the reliefs, Prince Pearl, the 800cc car by Regal Automobiles, got a price reduction of 88,000 rupees.

The new price of United Bravo stands at Rs. 1,030,000, it saw a discount of 69,000 rupees while the price of United Alpha has come down to Rs. 1,350,000. The price difference is almost 95,000 rupees.