Is Actress Noor Bukhari marrying Khawar Maneka, former husband of Bushra Maneka?

Is Actress Noor Bukhari marrying Khawar Maneka, former husband of Bushra Maneka?

ISLAMABAD - Rumours of fifth marriage of Actress Noor Bukhari were rife stating that Noor is all set to get married to a government official Khawar Maneka.

Khawar was earlier married to Bushra Maneka, however, the two divorced in 2017. Bushra then married Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan earlier this year. Bushra is also closely related to Noor as she was the one who helped her acquire the path to religiousness.

Last month, Bushra and Noor were spotted performing Umrah together. The PTI chairman was also present in the Holy city of Makkah along with his delegates, which included Noor’s former husband Aoun Chaudhry as well. Rumours started spreading like wildfire when photos of Bushra and Noor surfaced across social media. Many claimed that Noor was all set to tie the knot with Khawar after Bushra suggested her to do so. However, the former actor has denied all such claims.

Noor said that some people in power are running a propaganda campaign against Khawar and have linked the two together. The 36-year-old is tensed as she doesn’t understand how her name has been associated with the government official. She explained, “I am surprised by the interest that everyone is showing in my marriage – that too with a man who is my father’s age. How can I marry a man that is old enough to be my father?”

The mother of one continued, “Nowadays, whenever I attend any public event or family gathering, people keep associating me with Khawar and wish me luck for my marriage to him. I don’t understand why they don’t realise that the man is a lot older than I am and I cannot be with such a man.”