101 Friends of China, Intellectuals support China on South China Sea 

101 Friends of China, Intellectuals support China on South China Sea 

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The top 40 intellectuals under the umbrella of 101 Friends of China Assembly supported China's stand on South China Sea by adopting a Resolution in this regard.

The resolution expressed serious concern over the escalation of tension in the South China and alarm over the military build-up in the recent weeks in the region , which was adopted unanimously.

Expressing solidarity with China, the resolution stressed that the Permanent Court of Arbitration should conduct business strictly within its jurisdiction and that its rulings should not be used as an instrument to fuel tensions and disputes.

The resolution was presented in a meeting of the Islamabad-based senior members of the Supreme Central Committee of the Friends of Pakistan here on Monday, which was adopted unanimously.

It underlined that international arbitral institutions should not be used for political purposes.

Moreover it also urged all parties concerned to avoid provocative pronouncements and actions, exercise utmost restraint and seek peaceful settlement through negotiations.

The resolution also emphasized that a peaceful resolution of disputes through bilateral channels would reinforce the rule of law.

It also appreciated China's historic and transformative One Belt One Road initiative that is building confidence, fostering peace and prosperity in the region and connecting Asia with Africa and Europe.

It underscored that for the CPEC, the flagship project of One Belt One Road, peace and stability in the region were imperative Underlying the deep-rooted historical and strategic ties between Pakistan and China, the resolution fully endorsed the position taken by China on the South China Sea in regard to its sovereignty over Nansha Islands and the surroundings waters.

It also took note of China's declaration that it would continue to fulfill regional and international responsibilities, upheld the integrity and authority of the UNCLOS and other international law and safeguard the rule of law.

It expressed hope that no steps would be taken to hurt China's sovereignty and security interests.

The resolution also called on all nations to work for building common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security for all and urged all powers in the region to take steps to de-escalate the situation, demilitarize the region and in doing so avoid misjudgments that could lead to accidents or unintended conflagration or World War III .

Deputy Head Mission, Embassy of China in Pakistan , Zhou Lijian thanked the 101 Friends of China for supporting the genuine case of China saying that this resolution was very much in time which showed strong support from people of Pakistan to the people of China.

He said, China wanted to resolve the issue of South China Sea peacefully through negotiation with its neighboring countries including Vietnam and Philippines.


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