Serial kisser Emraan Hashmi retires from online kissing

Serial kisser Emraan Hashmi retires from online kissing

MUMBAI - Emraan Hashmi, who is known as ‘serial kisser of Bollywood’, has revealed his displeasure for such roles and he wants to get rid of the image he has created for himself in movies.

When Emraan earned a name in Bollywood, he also earned a tag of ‘serial kisser’. But the witty actor has never taken the tag seriously as the masses have tagged him in a wrong manner, but looks like now he has had enough.

During the promotion of his upcoming film ‘Why Cheat India’, he was asked if there are any steamy scenes in the movie, to which he said he is tired of kissing and can’t do it anymore. “I’m tired of kissing, man. No one feels my pain. 20 kisses a film, I did it for 17 years and my lips have become dry,” he said.

“When you are trying to take a departure from that [serial kisser tag], it does become difficult. It’s very important for any actor to disconnect from a certain image and try his/her hand at different kind of roles. But when there is such a strong association, it gets difficult,” he added while speaking at an event India Today Mind Rock 2019.

He also made a witty one liner by saying that he’s now a ‘retired kisser’. In another interview he also revealed that it irritates him the most when someone asks if his film has any kissing scenes.