Analysts say Modi government suppressing human rights of minorities

Analysts say Modi government suppressing human rights of minorities

The incumbent Indian government is ruled by extremist Hindu groups and it has been promoting racism. The minorities in India have been living in continuous life threats. The Indian claims of secularism and democracy have been badly exposed during Modi regime and Hindutwa has emerged as the true face of the government.

Due to the fear factors, the judges often avoid controversial cases. Women and minorities are not safe in India. The Modi administration is frustrated due to exposed corruption of the government, economic failure and its atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.

India is no more a secular state. The Modi regime is dominated by Hindu extremist groups and Modi himself is accused of Gujrat massacre, which resulted in killing of Muslims. There are many separatist movements in India demanding separation. India has been violating human rights not only in Kashmir but with in India itself. Muslims are the biggest minority in India followed by Christians, Sikhs and Dalits.

Narendra Modi, is a staunch advocate of the establishment of Hindutva as the dominant ideology in secular India. It’s high time that the international community and organizations take effective measures to ensure availability of basic human rights to minorities of India.

Secular India is a deceit and BJP is a Hindu extremist and racist political party which came to the power with an aim to suppress all other minorities. The Muslims in India have been living under fear and constant life threats. The Hindu extremist mafia is fully supported by the Indian government and freely kills and harms Muslims. The Modi regime has propagated anti-Muslim and anti Pakistan agenda to gain popularity.

Indian government has been committing worst atrocities and brutalities in occupied Kashmir. The true anti-Muslim and terrorist face of India has badly been exposed during Modi regime. Modi himself is responsible for killing Muslims in Gujrat. The incumbent government of Pakistan is committed to expose India’s true racist and extremist face at every international forum.

BJP never claimed to be a secular political party, and converting secular India into a Hindu state is their priority ideology. The Modi regime is obsessed with Muslim hatred and it is displaying its anti-Muslim sentiments by changing names of historical sites, promoting fundamentalism and portraying great Muslim rulers as invaders and enemies of the land.

Despite using force and weapons, Indian government has failed to suppress indigenous freedom movement led by the people of Kashmir. There are many liberal voices in India, which are criticizing Modi government for its anti-Muslim policies and the worst human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and rest of the country.

The supremacy of law is imperative and law should be given a fair chance for a legal course of action. The Supreme Court remarked that the government needs to reconsider its decision regarding putting people on ECL, but no written verdict has so far been given. A substantial overhaul of our law on accountability is needed if we wish to avoid criticism and objection.

We need a law that respects due process, the dignity of every person, and ensures that it is according to the rule of law. The NAB law should be improved and domestic laws should be strengthened. The government should bring back the looted money through international treaties.

It is good omen that Pakistan is pursuing very proactive policies to attract international investors. Economy of the country is gradually improving due to increase in exports and decrease in trade deficit. The incumbent government is taking concrete measures to facilitate international investors.

It is appreciable that financial institutions are being strengthened to address economic issues. Increase in exports is one of the important indicators of economic development. Holistic economic policy is imperative for economic revival. Economic development is conditioned with good energy situation and political stability.