Guru’s hanging without solid evidence a slap on the face of India: AJK PM

Guru’s hanging without solid evidence a slap on the face of India: AJK PM

MIRPUR (AJK): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Saturday said hanging of Kashmiri freedom fighter Afzal Guru to death by the Indian Supreme Court without any solid evidence was a slap on the face of Indian judicial system.

Farooq Haider, in a statement on 6th martyrdom anniversary of Afzal Guru which was observed on Saturday, said the Indian highest court had categorically admitted the fact in its verdict Guru was being hanged to satisfy the collective conscience of the India people as charges against him could not be proved the false case.

He said there was no precedent of such judicial murder elsewhere in the world. “It is reflection of the worst kind of extremist thinking,” he said, adding the educated classes of minorities in India had stood up to fight against Hindu extremism.

Farooq Haider said the Kashmir freedom movement did not weaken through hanging of Guru, rather it picked a momentum. Guru’s only fault was to stand up for achieving internationally-recognized right to self-determination of the people of Jammu & Kashmir which was birth right of every individual of the state, he added.

Guru, he underlined, was a great hero of freedom-loving people of Jammu and Kashmir like Burhan Wani Shaheed of the recent past history of Kashmiris struggle for freedom.

Farooq Haider pointed out that ridiculously the Indian Supreme Court clearly admitted in its verdict that there was nothing wrong proven against Guru but he was being hanged just to pacify the collective conscience of people of India. “Is this not a big question-mark on the democracy and judicial system of India”, the PM asked?

“No minority including Muslims is safe from Indian extremist actions in India today. The world should take notice of Indian extremism that has turned the lives of all minorities a living hell.”

The AJK PM said, “The ongoing struggle in Kashmir is for right to self-determination which was granted to people of Kashmir through the UN resolutions. India is committing worst human rights abuses to silence their voice but people of J&K are determined to free them from Indian yoke.”

It may be mentioned that Afzal Guru, a very active freedom fighter, was hanged to death in Tahar Jail on Feb 9, 2013 and was buried within its premises. His body was not handed over to his family despite repeated demands, which, independent observers say, is a scar on Indian democracy and secularism.