Mashal Malik message for Kashmiris

 Mashal Malik message for Kashmiris

LAHORE: Kashmiris will continue the mission of Maqbool Butt , Afzal Guru to end illegal occupation of Kashmir by Indian forces, and days are not far away when brutal forces of India will have to leave Kashmir, said Mashal Malik , wife of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik.

In an interview with APP News television's programme `Dialogue, on the eve of death anniversary of Kashmiri leader Maqbool Butt ', here, she said that Indians committed judicial murder of Maqbool Butt as part of their atrocities against innocent Kashmiris.

Increase in brutalities by Indians resulted in increased protests by Kashmiris which ultimately increased momentum of struggle of Kashmiris.

"Recently Indians were touching peak of their cruelties which itself is an indicator that Kashmir struggle is close to its victory", she said.

She said that Kashmiris have rendered all types of sacrifices for their mission and they were not ready to bow before Indian state terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. "Now is the time for India to accept demand of Kashmiris as per resolutions of UN Security Council".

"Kashmiris have no fear of loss any more, as we have already lost so much in the way of our struggle. Now it is time for the Indians to think rationally and stop killings in Kashmir otherwise their country will be divided into many parts", she said.

Mashal Malik also referred to various other movements that might cause disintegration of India and said,"India is a country having maximum number of liberation movements in the world.There are millions and millions of people in India who don't want to continue as part of India", she said. She stressed that people committing atrocities in Kashmir were neither sincere with the humanity nor to India.

She said that accepting slavery was not in the blood of Kashmiris and they will continue their peaceful struggle till last drop of their blood and ultimately Indians will have to pack-up from Kashmir.

She further said that Indian media should change their biased role and act like a real independent media to highlight view point of people of Kashmir as well. At present Indian media is playing in the hands of Indian government and highlighting just the official view point, she regretted.

"Most of the human rights activists and members of civil society in India are not playing their due role as they are toeing lines of Indian government against Kashmiris. But, there are some good people also who believe in supremacy of humanity and independence of mankind. These people are supportive of Kashmiris' right of plebiscite", she added.APP/AFP

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