Kohsar University in Punjab House Murree: PM Khan fulfils his promise

Kohsar University in Punjab House Murree: PM Khan fulfils his promise

LAHORE: The government of Punjab has announced Friday it has decided to convert Punjab House into a university which will notifying this development via a letter to Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi.

There will be Kohsar University in place of Punjab House, a mansion comprising 96 Kanal land under the provincial government that is used for a variety of purposes including hosting guests, etc.

According to the notification released today by Punjab Board of Revenue, the decision shall be implemented as per the rules and is likely to see it materialize within next three years.

The colonies department secretary passed on the notification letter to Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner for the development.

Separately to have happened today in a fresh development, the district authority of Karachi’s South has decided to turn famous Karachi street Burns Road known for its food variety and nuance into a food street, ARY News reported.

The deputy commissioner for South district has constituted a team of nine members to oversee the transformation of an informal yet renowned Karachi spot for its bistros and food lines making it one of first choices for link foodies across the metropolis.

The deputy commissioner-constituted nine-member team will present its recommendations on the cleanliness, sewerage and the beautification of Burns Road.