Girl bites on duty police officer in Dubai

Girl bites on duty police officer in Dubai

An African woman has been charged in a Dubai court with physically assaulting a police officer who stopped her to check her ID.

The Court of First Instance heard the 24-year-old Ugandan woman, who is staying illegally in the country, fiercely resisted a trainee policeman and bit his right hand on October 24.

He had stopped her in the Naif area with three other officers, including a female corporal.

“I admit I showed resistance and assaulted him but I had no idea they were police officers,” the defendant told the court. She claimed before the presiding judge she thought she was being harassed then.

The policeman who was assaulted told the prosecutor: “It was before 10am when I was on duty as a member of a security task force assigned with looking for and catching wanted individuals and suspects. There were also two lieutenants and a female corporal walking around with me in Freej Iyal Nasser. We spotted the defendant and got suspicious of her activities.

“We stopped her to check whether she had a legal status here and showed her our police IDs. But she fiercely resisted and bit me in my right wrist. I had to go to the hospital to get treated for the injury.”