French female tourists sexually harassed in India

French female tourists sexually harassed in India

NEW DELHI - A group of French tourists were on Sunday allegedly beaten up and molested in Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. However, police claimed that a woman from Varanasi, and not foreign nationals, were beaten up and molested by a group of miscreants.

"The vehicle by which she had come here carried about half a dozen French tourists," said Praveen Singh, Station House Officer of Ahraura police station.

According to police, four people were initially arrested in connection with the incident which occurred at Lakhania Dari waterfall in Mirzapur. Later, four more persons were arrested.

Meanwhile, reports said that the tourists and the Varanasi woman were taken to a hospital in Mirzapur for further treatment.

The woman from Varanasi, who was accompanying the tourists, told ANI that the miscreants were initially molesting and beating up the tourists, but when she tried to intervene, they ended up thrashing and molesting her.

One of the tourists was quoted as saying that the miscreants began to insult them and then attacked them with sticks. He added that one of the travellers suffered serious injuries.