Anushka Sharma reveals the biggest achievement of her life

Anushka Sharma reveals the biggest achievement of her life

MUMBAI - Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma has unveiled the biggest achievement of her life in an recent interview. The actor spoke about her husband Virat Kohli, being real in an increasingly affected world and her biggest achievement till date in an interview with *Femina link* .

Responding to a question regarding what she thinks her biggest achievement has been till date, the actor said, “ I think the animal shelter that I’m building is a huge achievement for me. “

“It’s something that gives me a lot of joy and peace. I’ve always been an animal lover and I’ve always wished to use the position that I’m in today in the best way I can. And since we’re doing the power issue, I feel like success, money and fame is for yourself, but power is not your own,” she said.

Anushka continued, “The entire purpose of having power is to empower others. Power is not to gloat or to feel like you’re better than others. It is meant to enable someone else’s life and help them make their life better. Using my position to start an animal shelter gives me happiness. I can tell you today that I was destined to become this actor. It wasn’t like I planned to be an actor or struggled to be one. If God has put me in this position, then it is for something greater than just working for myself. These are the things that make me happy, even if it’s just making someone smile if they’re in a bad mood or solving someone’s problems.”

The actor in her first interview post-marriage also revealed that her husband Virat Kohli is her biggest source of strength in vulnerable moments.

Anuhska also shared that being in the spotlight “gets too much sometimes”.