PM Shahbaz Sharif makes an offer to the Indian PM Modi

PM Shahbaz Sharif makes an offer to the Indian PM Modi

Shehbaz Sharif announced the minimum monthly wage by Rs25,000, adding that it will applicable by April 2022. Shehbaz announced that on the monthly income of Rs100,000, 10 per cent will be increased.

He also promised to bring flour with cheap price in Ramadan package by working together with the rest of provinces.

Shehbaz said that his cabinet will bring back the Benazir Health Card Scheme, adding that the youth will be given laptop and education. Shehbaz said that inflation is at its peak, adding that six million people are unemployed. Shehbaz said that 20 million people are below the poverty line.

Shehbaz said that the previous government tried to weaken the Pak-China friendship, adding that the Pak-China friendship is everlasting. Shehbaz said that relations with the United States must be established on an equal footing, adding that he wants to build good relations with Saudi Arabia, European Union and India.

He offered Indian Prime Minister Modi peace negotiation and pressed for implementation of the United Nations’ resolution on Kashmir. He announced continuing moral support for the people of Indian Held Kashmir.