Dissidents used South Punjab as excuse to leave party: Pervaiz Rashid

Dissidents used South Punjab as excuse to leave party: Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD:Speaking on TV’s program Awaz, Pervaiz Rashid said that the eight PML-N lawmakers who left the party a day earlier did so since they knew they would not be accommodated in the upcoming election. 

“These lawmakers came as independents and they knew the party would not accommodate them hence they left,” he said. “They used the demand for South Punjab to remain relevant in politics.”

Pervaiz Rashid said that PML-N had worked hard in South Punjab and quality of roads there were similar to the motorways built all over Pakistan.

“There are schools and hospitals as well in South Punjab,” he said. “Dissidents only used South Punjab as an excuse to leave the party.”

Pervaiz Rashid reacted to rumours that Chaudhry Nisar was about to leave PML-N and join PTI. He said that it was up to Nisar to take the decision that would prove best for him.

“Party is not affected by someone’s coming or going,” he said.

Rashid rejected the perception that PML-N was pursuing a policy of clashing with state institutions.

Load-shedding crisis at a glance

Shahzad Iqbal spoke to correspondents spread across various cities and asked them about the load shedding crisis.

Most cities including Gujranwala and other cities of Punjab were experiencing load-shedding eight to 12 hours a day.

Will do what is best for this city and province: Arshad Vohra

In response to a question about whether PSP was planning to elect a new leader of the opposition in Sindh assembly since now they had 15-20 MPAs now, Arshad Vohra said the party would do anything that was beneficial for the city.

He said that MQM-P’s Bahadurabad faction was offering Dr Farooq Sattar the opportunity to head the party once again since their differences with the PIB faction were for power.