Prominent PTI Leader Usmar Dar allegedly abducted

Prominent PTI Leader Usmar Dar allegedly abducted

On Saturday, the PTI asserted that Usman Dar, a prominent party leader, had been abducted by individuals of unknown identity from the Malir Cantt area in Karachi. PTI Secretary General Omar Ayub took to the social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, to allege that Dar had been taken from Malir Cantt by unidentified individuals at 4:30 pm that day. Ayub added that Dar had been transported to an undisclosed location and stated that the police denied having him in custody.

Malir Senior Superintendent of Police Tariq Illahi Mastoi denied arresting the party leader. The PTI strongly condemned what they labeled as Dar's "abduction and enforced disappearance" and demanded his immediate recovery.

The PTI's Karachi president accused the caretaker provincial government of being responsible, alleging that it continued the authoritarian trend established by the PPP government. Farrukh Habib from the PTI called for the swift revelation of the allegedly detained leader and insisted that if there was a case against him, Dar should be presented in court, allowing him to exercise his right to defend himself and enabling his family to meet him.

In August, Dar had reported that his house, factory, and businesses in Sialkot were sealed, leaving his family members, including women, stranded. He asserted that the state had sealed all of his properties, including Jinnah House and all family businesses, and forced women and children onto the streets. Dar decried the state's heavy-handedness against him and his family members, expressing his desire for justice against those who mistreated his mother.

He indicated his readiness to appear before the courts if they would ensure a fair trial and appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan for justice in the matter. Notably, PTI leader Imran Khan's arrest on May 9 had led to widespread violence and attacks on crucial military installations, prompting the state to launch a severe crackdown against his party. Furthermore, Dar's house had been raided by Punjab police in March as part of a province-wide crackdown on hundreds of PTI workers.