MBS to visit Pakistan soon?

MBS to visit Pakistan soon?

A day after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman signed a memorandum for an economic corridor between India and the Middle East, Pakistan's foreign minister confirmed that the prince's visit to the country has not been confirmed yet. However, caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani mentioned in an interview with Shaukat Piracha that the visit would involve the signing of multiple MOUs, but a specific date has not been set.

Jilani emphasized the close and multi-dimensional relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, including political and economic aspects. He expressed the unparalleled affection the people of Pakistan have for Saudi Arabia and their eagerness to welcome a high-level visit from Saudi Arabia.

While the visit's formal confirmation was still pending, Jilani expressed hope that it would take place as it was Prince Salman's wish. He referred to the prince's previous statement where he referred to himself as Pakistan's ambassador in Saudi Arabia and mentioned that the visit's details would be decided diplomatically at the prince's convenience.

Jilani underscored the significance of the visit, highlighting agreements and investment opportunities between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan under the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) in areas like agriculture, IT, mining, and energy. He also noted the increased Saudi involvement in Pakistan since the establishment of SIFC.

Despite earlier rumors, the visit by MBS has not materialized. Jilani also mentioned Saudi Arabia's history of supporting Pakistan during conflicts and emphasized Saudi Arabia's role as a trustworthy partner in Pakistan's relations with India, ensuring Pakistan's interests are considered.